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The estimated refresh time is a pessimistic estimate, some data may be updated faster.

Match history is updated every 2 hours

Last updated 2023-09-23T01:28:54.723551Z(PT2M51.199903S)

Region Health RPH used RPH RPS Flags Estimated refresh duration
NA 98.63% 17.38% 35,950.00 7.30 prioritized PT5M40.026413S
EU 5.66% 13.70% 35,950.00 7.30 partial prioritized web PT5M40.026413S
KR 97.46% 6.09% 35,950.00 7.30 prioritized PT5M40.026413S
Fully operational.
No BattleTags, league tiers, and clan names. Simplified races in team formats.
May be slower in some cases. Arbitrary data may be missing.
1v1 [GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND, MASTER, GRANDMASTER] are prioritized. {LOTV_2V2=[DIAMOND, MASTER, GRANDMASTER], LOTV_3V3=[MASTER, GRANDMASTER], LOTV_4V4=[MASTER, GRANDMASTER], LOTV_ARCHON=[MASTER, GRANDMASTER]} are updated 2.33 times slower. Other data is updated 7 times slower.
Much slower.


High definition MMR history limits; 1v1: 1095 days, teams: 1095 days

Approximate stats: 2,358,653 players, 221,199,296 team snapshots, 6,019,214 recent(~30 days) matches