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What is this site?

SC2 Pulse is the fastest and most reliable ranked ladder tracker for StarCraft2. The project prioritizes 1v1 ladder, other modes are also tracked but not as frequently. Our goal is to log the most 1v1 games and provide general population stats.


Player reports

Current mods:

NeWHoriZonS#21284, Maplez#11897, Ophidian#11687, Highdra#21292, Davbond#2647, Tassad#2629, Magnath#11884, Ferral#21503, rombuzz#2878

Profile identification

Identified profiles are tagged "revealed". Such profiles may have additional info in the "Links" section. Revealers are sc2pulse editors who can identify ladder profiles and link them to real players. The name comes from the sc2unmasked successor - sc2revealed.

Revealer Accounts revealed
Nephest 417
Ophidian 376
Charlemagne 71
GawrGura 17
Maplez 14



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Genesis Gaming, Hazard Esports, Berserker eSports


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papapanda, [Heroes]Tassad


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