Pulse SC2 Pulse

Discord Bot

SC2 Pulse provides a discord bot for StarCraft2. Invite the bot to your discord server.

Slash commands

Type / in the chat box to see available slash commands.


Shows MMR(last, average, and max), games played, race, region, and league.

The search uses the same rules as the regular player search on the website which means you can search by name, BattleTag#1234, [clanTag], or starcraft2.com profile link.


Assigns discord roles based on your ranked 1v1 stats. It's like reaction roles, but instead of reactions your roles are based on your actual in-game stats.

Required permissions(for the bot): MANAGE_ROLES

Supported roles

Role names are case insensitive

Region Supported roles
NA NA, America, North America, US, United States, Americas
EU EU, Europe
KR KR, Taiwan, Korea, South Korea, TW, Asia
CN CN, China
League Supported roles
bronze bronze, metal
silver silver, metal
gold gold, metal
platinum platinum, metal, plat
diamond diamond
master master, masters
grandmaster grandmaster, grandmasters, GM, grand master
Race Supported roles
Terran Terran
Protoss Protoss
Zerg Zerg
Random Random

Some parameters support integer ranges as role names. Format: from(included)-to(excluded) suffix. Role example: 4000-5500 mmr.

Parameter Suffix
Current rating mmr

User commands

Click on a user->apps to see available user commands.


The bot will try to find user's stats by searching in the following order:

  • BattleTag(if the user has linked their Discord account to their SC2 Pulse account)
  • Server username(trimmed)
  • Discord username(trimmed)


My users can't use the bot
Make sure your users have a permission to use application commands(server config). Also make sure that required commands are enabled in the integration config(click on the bot->manage integration)